38 years after the release of their first album "ROCK IS ALIVE" this great hard rock band featuring founding members Detlef Gödicke and Udo Schloen is about to burn the stages again. Exact at the date of there upcoming first reunion-concert at the Stadthalle OHZ (D) on 25th of November 2017 LAKE PLACID released the new double-cd-album "ROCK IS STILL ALIVE" as limited edition.

"LAKE PLACID music is like formula 1 racing - rough engine, highest power and maximum speed. Join us!"



On 25th of November 2017 the band released the new double-cd-album. On first CD you can listen to the original recordings from 1979, now digitalized and new mastered. On second CD you can listen to never released songs and the songs from 1979 ... in the sound of 2017! More speed, more sound, more power and without any compromizes "fist in face" played, LAKE PLACID will let you feel the power of 38 years as musicians "on the street".
The double-cd-album is strictly limited up to 500 copies, each one with serial number. You can only get this "limited edition" release from the band itself, and ... you can order via e-mail to info(at)gpvg.de. Terms of payment: prepaid!
The new 2017 album as a one-cd-release you can buy or order all around the world, first on 25th of November 2017, and of course download or stream on itunes, amazon, whatever, stores.



15th of june 2016

- found review from 2013 (author: Stefan Wille) about our release "Rock Is Alive" from 1980, unbelievable!

3rd of june 2016

- Scooter writes on facebook:
After 37 years doing cover-music ...now ... my lord says: come on ... find back to your own music ... and yes, I will do!!!!!
...and sorry music world ... you will hear my whole fury, my rage about, what you did with me ... with all the power I still have ... direct "fist in face" ... one of my new LAKE PLACID songs ends with the lyrics ... "... when I find out what I`m going through!" ... YES ... I will find out ... and you can listen ... I promise!!!

26th of may 2016

- message from Toronto:
Jim Gilmour, keyboardplayer of legendary canadian progrock band SAGA, will add an incredible synth-solo on Lake Placid`s new album. His message:
Cool!!! Let me know :-).

23rd of may 2016

- Dmytro Schneider from FFF-Studio in Kiev/Ukraine writes: You do good job as a sound-producer, it's gonna be beautiful -old school- hard rock album back in the day!

19th of may 2016

- Lenny Wolf of -KINGDOME COME- sends best wishes to the band, many success and ... keeps open the answer, if he joins Lake Placid in 2017.



Sorry so much fans, we can imagine your hard time waiting for THE concert to finally happen. You can buy tickets first in middle of june 2016 (please watch our NEWS!) online at www.nordwest-ticket.de or www.eventim.de. Ticket costs 20 Euro for adults / 10 Euro for children. Entrance time for the hall 7.30 p.m., the show starts at 8.30 p.m., no support act.